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April 20, 2017
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Friends, you must know that in 1857 there was a great revolution in the country against the British. In that revolution, 3 lakh 65 thousand British people were killed throughout India. Some 2-4 English survived, then they fled to London somehow. And they blackened their whole body before running to escape so that they were Indians. They told the whole story in the Parliament of British India that revolt in India has been revolted. After this there was a question in the Parliament of British India that there should be no such revolt in future, what should be done for this. So many people told their President that this should not happen again, what should be done for this. So the President said that you do not worry, there are many friends of our India, with their help, we will go back to India. Now you must be thinking that their friends and friends who ??? Friends and friends for us who are traitors for us English Do you know that the British had given the title of Raibahadur, Sir, Night Hood to many families in this country? And all the people who took this title turned out to be traitors and they helped the British.

The eldest family who helped the British after the revolt of 1857 is the family of Patiala who is still alive and a person of that same family remains Chief Minister in Punjab. Nawab Khan of Patiala did not help the revolutionaries after the revolution of 1857 but helped Angrajo. And he wrote a letter to the British, whose copy was with Rajiv Dixit, who would show the entire country when the time came. In that letter, the Nawab writes that “You come and make India a slave again, I will give you 20 thousand soldiers and will give 200 million gold coins, then come back to India and establish your kingdom”. So the British came to the conclusion of the Nawab of Patiala.

Similarly, the Jaint of Haryana was a Nawab, it helped the British. Then this is the Scindia dynasty of Gwalior that has helped the British very much. Similarly, there is a Salarjan clan of Hyderabad which also called the Nizam of Hyderabad. Such were all 10-12 families, who gave gold to the British and gave soldiers to fight the revolutionaries of India. So with the help of all these kings, the British again surrounded this country and started the slaughter of revolutionaries in the entire country.

From September 1, 1857 to 1 November 1858, the British made nearly 7 lakh revolutionaries from Hindutan. If you listen to how and also how to make a glass, then you will be surprised. There is a small town named Bithoor, near Kanpur, there were two big revolutionaries, namely Nana Sahab Peshwa and Tatya Tope. They killed 24,000 people of the city of two revolutionaries with bullets and swords. No children by three months younger than two children and 90 years old elderly. None of them had the crime, it was the only crime that they were living in the city of Nana Saheb Peshwa and Tatya Tope. So the British used to say that all these will be against us and all will become revolutionaries, so bequeathed everyone and this slaughter was done by the British with the help of the soldiers of Patiala Nawab (Raja), King of Jind, Scindia dynasty of Gwalior, India. And all those massacres took place in the entire country, due to which the British government was reestablished. After the establishment of the British government on 1 November 1858, Queen Victoria made a declaration that appeared in big newspapers in India. It was said that the government of East India Company will not run in India after today, the law will run and that all laws will be made Parliament of British India and on the basis of which this country will be run. Now there is debate for law making in British Parliament that the law should be made such that all Indians can never stand again and can not revolt against the British.

The first rebellion against the British was the revolt of the scripture. After this the British made the first law that only the weapon in the house could be kept, which would have a license. Who does not have the weapon he can not keep Then the British made the first law “Licensing of Arms Act” and on the basis of this law it was done that the house was searched for the house, in whose house there is a bandit in whose house there is a smile, the rifle, the knife is taken by all the Englishmen Because the British were afraid of these facts that even these people would not rebel again. And once the Indians took away their weapons, the Indians became very weak and the weakness became so heavy that for the next 90 years, we had to suffer the British slavery again. And these laws are still going on even after almost 70 years of independence. You have to know that the weapon can be kept by anyone who has a license, and the government does not have the license to give it before the British government’s work was done. Now the government of Black English is doing this work.

The second law is made by the British, the Indian Police Act. Any time the Indian did not do anything against the British, they created an agency to kill, beat, press, crush and control everyone, which is called the police. Do you know there was no police in this country before 1858. No Raja had kept the police, but the police did not keep the police. Because there was no need for a police to kill his own people, beat, press, and intimidate nobody does this work. No king will do this cruelty on his own people. But the British created the police, named “Indian Police Act” and the basis given to it that every police person will be right to offence but any citizen of India will not have Right to Defense. This means that if any police officer takes hold of you with a stick, then you will not have the right to hold a stick, you just keep banging. And if you hold your sticks, the case will be against you that prevented you from doing duty to the British officer. And this same law is going on even after 70 years of independence
The British created such a law as the Indian Civil Services Act. We had a village panchayat which used to do every one in the village like taxing or spending it for the development of the village. Took all these rights and gave it to the collector. And that post is called DM or District Magistrate or Collector and it is said under the Act, it is called the Indian Civil Services Act. This law is still going on like this.

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