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Vaidik Maths

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It is not only enjoying mathematical calculation by Vedic method, it gives confidence

In India, few people know, but people have started to believe that in the calculation of mathematics by Vedic law, not only is it fun, it gives confidence and memory increases also. One of the shortest television programs in Germany is Wisn for Akht. In Hindi means “things of knowledge before the eight”. In this program of the country’s largest radio and television network ARD, just before the main news every evening, at eight o’clock, Indian-origin science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar has a simple answer to an interesting question related to knowledge science in just two minutes. Give. A few days ago, Ranga Yogeshwar was saying that India has any different math? Are there people in another way? In India too few people know that India has its own arithmetic, Vedic arithmetic. He is rarely taught in Indian schools. Indian educationists also believe that real knowledge is the same which comes from England-America.

Jogi Jogra of the house

Jogi Jogra of the house, Prade of On village. But those villages are now amazed at the Vedic arithmetic of India and are learning it. Without a paper-pencil or calculator, there is hardly any easier and faster way to calculate the mind. Ranga Yogeshwar explained to German television viewers with an example:

“Suppose we have to multiply 998 in 889. This is not so easy as it is. In Indian Vedic way, he will do this: the nearest integer of both of them is one thousand. They get 2 and 111 on the reduction of one thousand rupees. If you multiply these two, 222. Write it in your mind on the right. Now reduce the two of the 889, which had to be added to make 998 one thousand rupees. Got 887. Write it on the left side before 222 in mind. That is, 887 222, is the right product. ”

Older than Greece and Egypt

India’s mathematical knowledge is said to be old from Greece and Egypt. Only zero and decimal are given by India, it is said that the Greek mathematician Pithagoras’ theorem was already known in India.

Extraction of large numbers from Vedic method and not only multiplication, it is also possible to remove class and square roots, cubes and cubes. In the meantime, schools like Vedic Mathematics have also been opened to children in countries like England, America or Australia.

NASA also interested

Colin Nicholas Saad of Australia is an archetype of Vedic Mathematics. He has kept his surname ‘Jain’ and teaches Vedic Mathematics to children in the New South Wales province of Australia. He claims: “American Space Tribunal NASA

16th century German mathematician Adam Reese

In secretly, Vedic mathematics is misusing the creation of artificial intelligence robot. NASA wants to understand how a brain can be copied in Robat so that Robot can calculate like a brain – for example, how 96 times 95 is done … .9120 “.

Colin Nicolas Saad has also written books on Vedic Mathematics. Explains that Vedic Mathematics is at least two and a half to three thousand years old. In it there are 16 formulas for manipulating the mind, which also increases the memory of the learner.

Shining ancient science

Saad says about himself: “My job is to create love in children towards this shiny ancient wisdom of numbers. I believe children should really learn Vedic Mathematics. Indian yogis had developed it thousands of years ago. You could ask any questions of mathematics from them and they could answer by bursting with the imagination of the mind. He presented the concept of zero three thousand years ago and suggested the decimal point. Without them today we do not have a computer. ”

Saad alias Jain has taken the vow of propaganda of Vedic Mathematics:

“I have been telling people for the last 25 years that you can do the best thing for your children to teach them Vedic Mathematics. This increases self-confidence, memory and imagination. After knowing the 16 basic principles of this math, every window of knowledge opens up.

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